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'23-'24 Manitoba Ambassador Program & Teen Board

In an effort to create community, equip teen girls to go into their communities, hallways & friend groups with confidence, & encourage & empower them to live BOLDLY in their faith, SHE WEARS WORTH is excited to launch our ambassador program and teen board for the 2023-2024 school year.  

What is the SWW Ambassador Program & Teen Board?

The SHE WEARS WORTH Ambassador Program & Teen Board will be comprised of 15-20 teen girls, grades 10-12, throughout Manitoba from different schools, churches, and backgrounds. These girls invest in the mission of SWW by meeting bi-monthly to discuss challenging cultural topics, hear from speakers & leaders, giving input to conference programming, and encourageing one another to go boldly into their communities, hallways, and friend groups to share their faith. 

We desire to empower and pour into teen girls, inspiring them to become leaders with boldness and humility and to be ambassadors of SHE WEARS WORTH and our mission of 'Spreading Worthiness Around.'


What to Expect?

The teens of the SHE WEARS WORTH Ambassador Program & Teen Board will meet bi-weekly over Zoom for an hour and a half. During this time, they will have a biblical lesson, teaching and discussion questions. They will also discuss current cultural topics and how to approach them with their friends and classmates.

Additionally, we will meet in person in the early spring of 2024 to prepare for the SWW Conference in April. 

Each member will receive SWW swag (like stickers, pens, etc.) to hand out to help facilitate conversations with their classmates and peers. 

Members will also be the 'face' of the SWW Conference, happening in April 2024, and have input in planning the conference and its content.  


Who Can Apply?

Applications are open to all teen girls living in Manitoba, grades 9-12 who identify as Christian and have a desire to be in a community with other Christian teens, as well as represent SWW and the organization's beliefs with their classmates, community, and peers. 

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Application Link:

- Applications are due Friday,  Oct. 6th. 
- Phone / Zoom interviews will happen (if needed) in early October with founder, Courtney Reimer.
- Teens will be informed in mid-October if they were selected

- The teen board will be announced at the beginning of November. 

Want To Know More...?

Are you a parent, youth pastor, youth leader, or group leader and want to know more?

Please reach out to our founder Courtney Reimer. 


Phone: 431.736.1586.

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