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Clothes Donation


Clothes Donation

We want to take clothes you once wore and use them to make a connection, start a conversation and spread worthiness around

We are partnering with organizations in your community, asking for donations of new and gently used clothing, shoes and accessories and then using the donated items to host a Style and Shop event. These events help start conversations that allow us to give a gal a glimpse of her true, inner beauty! 

What are we doing?

We reach out to gals within your community that need a little extra love and invite them to a morning full of encouragement, food, giveaways, a (free) shopping spree, worth and fun. Stylists will be on hand for that extra special touch.

How it works

What we wear and what’s on the outside is not and never will be the most important thing BUT if we can use a shirt or a pair of shoes to make a connection and start a conversation with a gal, then maybe we can begin to show them how worthy, beautiful, valued, loved and incredible they are.

Why is it important?

If you are interested in hosting a SHE WEARS WORTH donation and Shop & Style event in your community, we would LOVE to partner with you. Please reach out directly to our founder, Courtney Reimer at

Host an Event

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