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Meet Courtney


In 2017, when I was 28 years old, I took a trip to Uganda, Africa with the organization Love Does. One night, I wrote a journal entry to God (yes, He & I are pen pals) and told him that I knew I was made for more, I was worth more and that I wanted to be “all in” with Him. I became a, ‘All-In’ Christian that night and I’ve never looked back. 

Hello & Welcome!


Although I’d grown up in the Catholic Church; baptized as a baby, been confirmed, went to church every Sunday, was an altar server for 10+ years, even helped my mom teach Sunday school (I mean, I checked ALL the boxes), it was always about religion, not a relationship with God. I went through the motions, but never fully understood what I was doing or why I was doing it.   


As I got older, rather than making my faith my own, I used going to church on Sunday as a way to justify and wipe clean all the not-so-great stuff I was doing in my life. My thought process was, ‘sure, I was staying out until 4am, partying with friends, turning to unhealthy relationships to receive validation and had a mouth like a sailor -BUT… I woke up and went to church each Sunday (sometimes even volunteered) … so I was all good!!’ I did a great job at looking the part and everyone fooled.

This routine, which really picked up steam after college and just continued to get worse. As the years and unhealthy patterns went on, I found it harder and harder to pretend that I was happy and “living my best life.” 

That’s when I read a book, Love Does by Bob Goff (for the 2nd time) and I got the idea that maybe, just maybe there was more out there and I wanted to find it. Because of that book, I went to Africa with 15 other strangers and a domino effect was started that lead me back to Christ and ultimately, to where I am now.

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I live in a great little community, who some people refer to as paradise, in Southern Manitoba, Canada with my husband, Scott Reimer. (We met on that trip to Africa and I may be biased but it’s the best story.- totally tops all those Nicholas Sparks romances.) We got married on November 10, 2018 and I moved up here just in time for my first, crazy, cold Canadian winter.

A lot changed really quickly. Within a week I got married, turned 30 and went from working and living in Austin, Texas at a very fast-paced company in the fashion industry… to moving to a small town, in a new country, in the middle of nowhere, population 300(ish). I had no job, no car and was under about what seemed a thousand feet of cold, Canadian snow. My world drastically took a 180 degree turn. 

It was an incredibly rough time. Although I absolutely loved being married and knew that moving to Canada was 100% the right choice, I had a lot of free time on my hands and I was forced to deal with ALL the things I didn’t know I needed to learn about myself.  God knew I needed some space and time to think and grow and because of it, I finally discovered the courage and faith I needed to start this thing!


The Reiners

The idea for SHE WEARS WORTH was put on my heart August of 2018. It has been the hardest, most terrifying, exciting and incredible challenge I’ve been given and entrusted with. I still have a lot to figure out but the great thing is, I am not in control! 


So, again, I am so glad you are here. I hope we can become friends!  As I go on this journey to share my experiences, dig into things I know to be true, discuss topics and ideas that may be hard and challenging at times, and hopefully have a LOT of fun, please know I am NOT an expert and I do NOT have all the answers. I did not go to school for this and if I’m being honest I’m still a little shocked that God called ME to start something like this…  I mean, full disclosure…I’m the worst speller. I misspelled the word “wizard” in my 5th grade spelling be… take note, it is not “wiSSard”!

I hope through my vulnerability, story telling, honesty and excitement you will feel welcome, we can become friends and together, we can start to spread WORTHINESS around!!

-Courtney Reiner


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