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Devoted Dreamers 152: What Happens When You Let God Define Your Worth

Courtney Reimer is on a  mission to not only help girls and women know and understand their worth but also to know why they have worth. This interview is a reminder that where we place our hope matters. As Christians, we’ve likely heard or been part of conversations about our identity in Christ but living that out feels so complex. How do we place our identity in Him? What does that look like? How do we know if we’re even getting it right?


Cultivate Legacy: Starting a Non-Profit in a Pandemic

Courtney Reimer is on a  mission to not only help girls and women know they are worthy and to help them understand why. As a Texas-native turned Canadian, Courtney knows the blue of knowing who you are outside your circumstances, so you can be strong and resilient. While her message sounds very similar to a message we see often, she explains in this episode why her non-profit “She Wears Worth” is probably not what you think it is!


The Living Loved Podcast: Knowing Your Worth

In a world that tries to tell us who we are and where our value comes from, Courtney found the answer to where her true worth comes from on a life-changing trip to Africa. Join us to hear Courtney’s testimony and how God has used her passions and desires for the kingdom.

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