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Weekend In Review

Parent / Guardian Special Session

Saturday, April 20th | 3:15 PM

Hello Parents & Guardians -

First, THANK YOU for sending your teen to our 2nd Annual SHE WEARS WORTH Conference.  We are thankful, humbled & honored that we get to spend time with your teen & our prayer is that they leave the weekend encouraged by Christ's love, empowered by the Holy Spirit, & strengthened by God's truth.


This year, we are going to be tackling tough topics (same-sex attraction, mental health, gender dysphoria, & more). These are often hard to talk about and are a reality in your teen’s life - we don’t want to ignore them! We want to bring God’s truth to what is going on ‘in the world’ & come alongside you to help make sure that your teens are learning about these topics with Biblical truth as the foundation. 


On Saturday afternoon we invite you to join Helen Wall, a certified encounter coach, as she walks you through the things your teen learned over the weekend! We will go over questions to ask your teen and topics to help you continue the conversation, a well as, introduce you to other resources like books & podcasts to help you further learn about these topics. 

After the hour-long session, we invite you to join us in the sanctuary for our closing remarks and incredible worship! 

With Love Incorruptible,

Courtney Reimer


Session Details

Saturday, April 20th, 2024
3:15 pm - 4:15 pm
Riverwood Church Community - The Warehouse
270 Gordon Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2L 0L8

** This session is only open & available to parents of teens attending the conference **

The session will include:
1. An overview of what your teen heard & learned from the speakers
2. Ideas & examples of follow-up questions & ways to keep the conversation going with your teen
3. Additional resources like podcasts, blogs, social media accounts, & books for purchase to educate & encourage on the topics


Want to know more about the session? Send a message to & we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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